Are You Fed Up With Outrageous & Unethical Agency Fees?

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Why is A1 Admin the     Ethical Choice?

A1 Admin believe that most temp agency's fees are outrageous and unethical. It does not seem right to us that schools are forced to pay such high fees, when the focus should be on spending a school's budget on educational resources.

One charge which A1 Admin have done away with altogether is the "Introduction/Referal Fee" for Temporary Workers. If a school wishes to permanently employ one of our temporary workers, we do not believe that they should be charged any fee - in fact we see it as a compliment to the temporary worker, and therefore to us!

Another contractual clause which A1 Admin have abolished is the "Qualifying Period". We do not believe that this restriction should be placed upon educational establishments, nor on our workers. 

In addition to doing away with the Introduction Fee, A1 Admin believe that temporary and permanent workers should be paid well, yet schools should not be charged unnecessarily high fees - the children being educated need the money more. As Whitney Houston said - the children are our future!


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