Admin/Attendance Officer/Finance Assistant

Over 7 years experience

Anna is an organised professional with great attention to detail. She is a forward-thinking asset to any school office.

With a variety of experience across both Mainstream and Special Educational settings, Anna has worked within Primary, Secondary and Post-16 campuses.

Software Packages

Anna has experience with the following software packages:

Anna's Qualifications

Anna has a vast array of relevant qualifications, and is always keen to add to her portfolio. Please email if proof of any of these qualifications is required.


Anna has 10 GCSEs, including English Language and English Literature.


Anna has taken a variety of Typewriting qualifications up to and including Stage 2 Part 2, and Word Processing qualifications up to and including Stage 3 Part 1. The majority of these were passed with Distinction.

First Aid/Medical

Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in the following areas:

Community Cardiac Arrest Response

Paediatric Infant & Child First Aid at Work Level 3 (expires 8th Nov 2022)

Administration of Medicines in Schools


Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in the following areas:

Coronavirus Awareness


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Meeting & Greeting

How to Give Guidance with Swabbing

Reporting Results

Train the Trainer

Education Sector Qualifications

Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in the following areas:

Channel General Awareness

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Safeguarding & Child Protection: the essentials 2020/2021

Children Missing Education

FGM Awareness & Prevention

Fire Awareness in Education

Prevent Duty

Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020) Part 1

Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)

Safeguarding Children (Level 2)

PBS Awareness

General Office Administration

Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in:


Accident Reporting

GDPR Essentials

Health & Safety Essentials

Bomb Threats & Suspicious Packages

Cyber Security

Display Screen Equipment

Digital Skills: Social Media

Time Management.

General Qualifications

Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in the following areas:

Developing Personal Confidence & Self Awareness

Bullying & Harassment for Employees

Equality & Diversity


Stress Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Unconscious Bias for Employees


NVQ Level 3

Anna has completed the course and obtained the certificate in the following area: 

NVQ Level 3 in Business Skills.

Northern Council for Further Education

Anna has completed the following course and obtained the certificate:

Principles of Business Administration Level 2


Anna has completed courses and obtained certificates in the following areas: 

OCR Level 1 for IT Users (New CLAIT).

OCR Level 2 in Adult Numeracy - this is the equivalent of a C grade (Level 4) at GCSE.

Anna's Work Experience

When Anna left college in 1994, she started in the world of work. 

The majority of Anna's roles have been customer facing, providing her with the opportunity to learn and practise excellent communication skills, as well as gaining experience in dealing with challenging customers, and managing complaints.

She quickly moved on to working in different types of office environments, gaining general office and IT skills, building on what she had been taught at school and college. Experience acquired included the development of conflict management and prioritisation competencies.

From 1997, Anna started learning financial processes, over and above working on tills: primarily financial ledgers and balancing monies. 












As the years progressed, Anna started to gain knowledge around Financial Services Authority regulations, stock control and basic HR requirements.

From 2002, Anna started to work within roles which required adhering to data protection principles; where people's private information had to be dealt with confidentially and sympathetically. 

In 2005, she became manager of a Post Office. This experience really enhanced the skills she had already gained in previous employment roles, as well as teaching her about managing staff and following strict security protocols.










In 2006, Anna started to work in schools, initially as a Clerk to Governors. She found this was a role and environment which she thoroughly enjoyed, and which used her skills and qualifications, whilst still giving her many opportunities to continue learning.

Anna decided to volunteer within school offices whilst applying for administrator positions. This provided her with great experience, and cemented her conviction that working within schools was where she would like to forge a career.

It wasn't until 2018 that Anna successfully gained employment in a school office setting, having volunteered in four different schools, as well as BANES Carer's Centre and Community at 67 (a charity in Keynsham) in the intervening years.

Anna has worked in both mainstream and special schools, in infants, juniors, primary, secondary and post 16, and has had a variety of different responsibilities within the schools in which she has worked. These responsibilites have included general office duties, Attendance Officer, Receptionist, Secretary, Proof Reading, First Aid, Administration of Medicines, Basic Finance and enhancing current office systems.


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